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Certified.in helps instructors do what they do, more easily. Whether you're just getting started with teaching, or want to find a way to do what you're doing better, Certified.in gives you the tools you need so that you can educate faster, more easily, and with greater satisfaction.

Gone is the need to bring together several web services to perform a single function, everything you need to run a successful course or workshop at the lowest possible cost to you, is provided. You'll look professional and impress both your students and prospective students.

For advanced level users we also offer premium plans which, amongst other features, will completely remove all traces of Certified.in's minimal branding and ensure that no-one but you will know who is really behind the scenes powering your school.

Users can create a "school" to run either free or paid courses for internal staff or customers from anywhere on the web using their own original content or with ready-made course offerings from our course marketplace at a small cost.

Founded in 2012, Certified.in is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia and is funded internally.


Some of our success stories

We love to hear from our customers. If you would like to submit a testimonial to be included below, please contact us . In the meantime, read what some of our existing customers have to say, below.

“My business is small but I needed a tool to train new staff. I was able to use existing documents I had and upload videos for my new employees to watch, and then quiz them before their first day on the job. Totally happy with the service. Costs me nothing!”

Sue | Retailer

“Messing with Moodle and Eventbrite and PayPal and Google Docs and YouTube... It was just too much. We needed a simple solution for our workshops. Certified.in fit that bill and we're thrilled with it.”

“A huge asset to our company. We were able to get a custom branded, modern, LMS to compliment our offline courses, and utilize it with students that same day. And it cost us nothing!”

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