Full features list

For Administrators.

Run free or paid courses

It's up to you. Your courses can be provided at no-charge for your students or you can optionally set various ticket prices and create discount codes.

Run offline or online courses

Whether you need a place online to store info and media to complement your offline classes or your courses are run online only, We've got you covered.

Built in payment procesing

Painless billing for students using their credit or debit cards through "Stripe" who offers the lowest service charges to you. Available for both the U.S. and Canada

Manage multiple instructors

Have more than one instuctor for your school or your courses? No problem. Add or remove Instructors and grant access privelages to content with just their email address.

Moderate discussions

As an administrator or an Instructor you'll be able to moderate student and instructor should anyone post something that is not to your liking. We also offer built-in spam protection.

Easy to brand & customize

Everyone likes to fine tune and customize their web presence. We built our platform with customizations in mind so that you can easily adapt the look of your school to match established branding.

Social media optimized

Certified.in has been designed to encourage sharing. Students or prospective students can spread the word about your offerings and share their achievements through the most popular social media sites today.

Course Marketplace

Don't have course content yet but want to run a school? We can get you running in no time with our marketplace of unbranded course material in a variety of subjects that you can add to your school in moments! Your students will think, YOU made it.

Attractive neutral design

Minimal interface designed to compliment any existing website and be easy for students of any skill level to use.

Instructor & Student Alerts

Whenever a school announcement is made, or whenever an Instructor or Student receives a message, they'll also reieve an email notification. New notification methods such as RSS and SMS are coming soon with an extensive list of notification types and conditions.

Content Delivery Network

We utilize Amazon's powerful content delivery network to ensure that wherever your students are in the world, downloads and video streams are served as quickly as possible.

Built with Bootstrap

The same flexible web framework that was originally designed for Twitter.com's web interface.

Intrigued yet?

For Instructors.

Article modules

Create reading material for your students utilizing our built in rich-text editor. When an article has been read, the module is marked as complete.

Assignment modules

Create assignments that help you gauge student's understanding of your material. Assignments can be corrected by instructors, corrected by students, or automatically corrected.

Video modules

Upload your own videos or embed existing video for your students. You can embed content from YouTube or Vimeo with more video services on the way.

Quiz modules

Create multiple choice quizzes for your students and set percentage based pass or fail thresholds. More quiz types coming soon!

Course announcements

Make course or school specific announcements to your students and former students. They'll receive an email notification and a link to your announcement page where it's stored for future reference.

Internal messaging

Instructors can communicate with Students without exposing their email address through our built-in messaging system. Messages are stored within your school under the profile's message box as well as emailed to the appropriate recipient by our system.

View student profiles

Student bios, Social media profiles, Courses completed, Recent comments, and other pertinent info be viewed for every student by fellow students and school staff.

Drag & drop syllabus

Easily arrange the order of your course materials with our drag and drop Syllabus editor. Intuitively work with your material and re-order sections and modules.

Ready to see how easy it can be?

For Students.

Course & Module Discussion

Student can discuss assignments, articles, videos, and quizzes through Instructor and Administrator moderated forums which are built in an automatically added for every course module.

Rate & Review Courses

Rate and review courses. Express your satisfaction for other prospective students after completing a course. Let the world know exactly what you thought of the course and then share your review.

Interact with fellow students

Just like a real classroom, discussion with fellow students makes learning easier. Students can interact and message each other without revealing their private email addresses.

Instructor messaging

Students can communicate with instructors through the built in messaging and discussion tools. Perfect for asking questions and getting further guidance on materials.

Fast video streaming

Uploaded videos are stored on Amazon's content delivery network ensuring that no matter where students are, videos will download as fast as possible based on their location. Hosted videos are powered by YouTube and Vimeo's powerful networks.

Share interests & achievements

Certified.in's built in sharing functionality makes it easy to post items to all the most popular social media sites. Whether it's showing off course completion status on Linkedin, or sharing a course that might interest a Facebook friend.

Course progress

View your completion progress to know where you left off in a self paced course and to track your remaining materials.

Mobile device friendly

Students can access the school on any device. Our platform automatically detects the screen size of user's phones, tablets, and computers optimizes the display of the site for that device.

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